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  • Mission complete: 53rd WEG concludes first post-hurricane Combat Archer

    F-22 Raptors from the 27th Fighter Squadron and F-35 Lightning IIs from the 58th Fighter Squadron successfully flew more than 140 sorties and fired 13 missiles to culminate the first post-Hurricane Michael Combat Archer air-to-air exercise at Eglin Air Force Base Dec. 14.
  • 53rd Wing begins F-35 operational test, evaluation

    The 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron kicked off the Defense Department’s F-35 Lightning II Initial Operational Test and Evaluation with a large force employment sortie from Edwards AFB, California, Dec. 5.
  • 53rd pilot selected to lead Thunderbirds

    The commander of the 28th Test and Evaluation Squadron was named commander/leader of the Thunderbirds.
  • Air Force, Navy team up to save money with communications tower

    The Air Force is constantly looking for innovative ideas and solutions to save money and resources, and this effort recently paid off by utilizing a sister service asset to create a huge cost saving solution.
  • Canadians test capabilities at Tyndall’s Combat Archer and Combat Hammer

    Royal Canadian Air Force personnel took part in exercises Combat Archer and Combat Hammer Jan. 10 to Feb. 10 at Tyndall AFB.
  • QF-16 takes flight at Holloman

    The QF-16 drone took its first flight at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., on Feb. 10, 2017.The manned sortie was the first for the QF-16 at Holloman AFB since the retirement of the QF-4 Phantom in 2016.“The first flight is significant because it is the first step for us in standing up the QF-16 program,” said Lt. Col. Ronald King, the 82nd Aerial
  • Tyndall special devices team thrives on innovation

    The Airmen of the 53rd Test Support Squadron Special Devices Flight design and implement innovative solutions with the goal of providing answers to uncommon problems.
  • Interorganizational synergy fuels successful test outcome

    Synergy across organizations and across services was on full display during a recent deployment of three F-35B Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, 75 Marines and 21 JSF operational test team members from Edwards to Florida where they successfully completed five live-fire events using AIM-120 air-to-air missiles against modified QF-16 aerial targets.This
  • 23 from 53d make Tech

    Congratulations to the following staff sergeants on selection for promotion to tech sergeant.68th Electronic Warfare Squadron James Archer 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron Jason Austin Marlon Cadiente 49th Test and Evaluation Squadron Alan English 28th Test and Evaluation Squadron Gerald Fitch Jr. 16th Electronic Warfare Squadron Richard Fortner
  • From the front

    Name:  Staff Sgt. Christopher MooreHome Unit:  53d Electronic Warfare GroupDeployed Unit:  376th Air Expeditionary WingJob:Sergeant Moore provides administrative and Information Technology support, oversees the wing decorations program and acts as the command chief's enlisted assistant. He was presented a coin from Lt. Gen. Gary L. North,