Warrior of the Week

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Name: Lowell "Big Ed" Edkins 
Unit: 16th EWS/EPCPA 
Job: ECM pod technician 
Hometown: Sugarland, Texas 

If you could go back in time - what time would you go to and where? Why? Back to whenever the new PT shorts were designed so I could ask what they were thinking. 

Dog or cats? Why? Dogs - cats don't do anything except sit around and eat your food. At least dogs tend to be playful. 

What were you listening to on your way to work this morning? My wife complaining about the dog. 

What is your most valuable material possession, why is it so special? My wedding ring. Because it reminds me why I don't do stupid things anymore. 

What is the best Christmas/birthday gift you've ever received? Last year when my then-fiancee came to visit me when I was stationed in Italy, and we went to Rome. 

Favorite book? Why is it your favorite? "To Kill a Mockingbird" - great story and I wish there were more people like Atticus Finch. 

What are your best and worst habits? Best, work ethic. Worst - I tend to procrastinate sometimes. If you could have dinner with any three LIVING people other than your family, who would you choose? Bill Cosby, John Stewart, Steven Colbert. 

What movie star do you have a crush on, now or when you were younger? Jessica Alba. 

What was the best advice your mom/dad gave you? To always remember: the day I am "above" the lowliest detail is the day I am worth nothing at all. It reminds me that we are all human and no one should be looked down upon for any reason.