From the front

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Name: Lt. Col. Frank "Spanky" Ott 
Unit (current): Combined Air Operations Center 
Job description: CENTAF FWD A3 - Weapons and Tactics Officer 

What will you remember about your deployment 20 years from now? The people, from all services and our allies, especially the Brits...and the lack of trees and grass. 

What's the most useful item you packed? What do you wish you had packed? Most useful: sunglasses. Wish I had packed: new running shoes. 

When did you realize you weren't in Kansas anymore, aka your "Dorothy" moment? I've been deployed to SWA before so I wasn't too surprised. However, it is pretty hot but at least it's very humid, kind of like Eglin times 10 in July. 

What will you buy with your hazardous duty pay or other $ garnered from your deployment? Something for my wife and kids. 

What has this deployment taught you? How fortunate we are as Americans and the importance of my family. Everyone is sacrificing and doing their part, many folks I work with have deployed several times in the last few years. 

Have you gained or lost weight? How did it happen? About the same, but if I'm not careful I will gain weight. The food is very good and there's plenty of it. You have to watch out - many types of desserts are available for every meal! 

What new survival skill have you learned? Taking a bottle of water with you every where you go. Having goals ... I keep my karate skills up and I'm going for some weight lifting goals / running t-shirts that the rec center offers. 

What food are you craving most and what will your first meal be when you return? A real Diet Coke instead of a "Coke Light." First meal - anything not on a cafeteria tray.