From the front

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Capt. Chris Jeffreys, 59th TES
Unit (current): Personal Security Coordination Center, Multi-National Force - Iraq
Job description: Coordinate security and transportation for top Iraqi government leaders.

What will you remember about your deployment 20 years from now? The difficulties in creating a stable Iraq and the efforts and sacrifices of so many people to achieve that end.

What's the most useful item you packed? iPod
What do you wish you had packed? More cold weather clothing

When did you realize you weren't in Kansas anymore aka your "Dorothy" moment? When I shook hands with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in his Baghdad office.

What has this deployment taught you? How to effectively work in an operations center, i.e. by coordinating day-to-day activities, responding to contingencies as they occur and being ready to provide immediate answers to leadership.

Have you gained or lost weight? Neither
How did it happen? By going to the gym and eating healthy foods.

What new survival skill have you learned?
Finding something to make each day different from the last/next.

What will you buy with your hazardous duty pay or other $ garnered from your deployment? New computer

What food are you craving most and what will your first meal be when you return?
In-n-Out Burger.