‘Fit for test’ becomes ‘Warfit’

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Samuel King Jr.
  • 50d Wing Public Affairs
As with any computer based system, upgrades are a must - to make things smaller, faster and more user-friendly. The 53d Wing's transition to the "Warfit" fitness tracker meets those criteria and the manager of the new system hopes its use will help 'upgrade' 53d personnel.
"This new "Warfit" fitness tracker is a substantial improvement from our previous "Fit for Test" system," said Master Sgt. Allen Ajaye, manager of the new system for the 53d Wing at Eglin. "It is much more accurate and allows for detailed descriptions of exercises."
The new system is a creation from the Health and Wellness Center at Peterson AFB, Colo., that's been employed by numerous other bases and most recently the 53d Wing at Eglin. 53d Wing GSUs at Tyndall AFB, Fla., Nellis AFB, Nev., and Edwards AFB, Calif., are using the system as well.
The 53d Computer Systems Squadron's Maj. Tracy Burge, who joined the wing after a tour at Peterson, brought the idea to Sergeant Ajaye, who'd wanted to update and make changes to the Fit for Test tracker for sometime.
"It was an easy transition to make," said Major Burge. "I contacted the Warfit administrator to make sure they could handle a new wing and that was it."
A link was added to the wing's intranet site and the wing had a new fitness tracker.
"Wing members do have to have another login name and password to access the site," said Major Burge, of the secure site. "But the good news is it can be accessed from any base, it's managed by fitness professionals and it is a step in consolidating web-based programs at the Air Force level.
" One of the big differences from the old to the new is workout times.
The old system worked in 15-minute increments so members would have to round up or down to get accurate points, according to Sergeant Ajaye. Now, the system can calculate even a minute's worth of push-ups.
Speaking of push-ups, the system can also log individual fitness test stats to show improvement or where improvements are needed.
For those who need some competition, users can view their individual and unit rankings based on points earned for the amount of exercise. It does the same for squadrons as well.
To access the new fitness tracker, click on the link on the 53d Wing's intranet site or go direct at https://halfway.peter son.af.mil/warfit.