from the front

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Maj. Gerald Campbell 
Unit : Task Force Paladin 
Job description: Brigade Electronic Warfare Officer. Counter Improvised Explosive Device Task Force responsible for EWO ensuring that our forces Counter Radio Controlled IED Electronic Warfare equipment is installed and working properly prior to every convoy. The Brigade EWO also ensures Electronic Warfare is properly integrated and leveraged into the Army's combat operations. 

What will you remember about your deployment 20 years from now? Hopefully, that we saved lives by reducing the number of successful IED attacks against our soldiers along with the positive impact we made on the Afghan people and their children. 

What's the most useful item you packed? My laptop. 
What do you wish you had packed? More PT uniforms. 

When did you realize you weren't in Kansas anymore aka your "Dorothy" moment? Day One, after carrying a weapon with me for 16 hours and realizing I had another 178 days of doing this. 

What has this deployment taught you? Army operations and the value of walking in an Infantryman's shoes. 

Have you gained or lost weight? Lost. How did it happen? By walking everywhere, not having a refrigerator full of food in my room, and by not having places to eat other than the Chow Hall. 

What new survival skill have you learned? Dressing in many layers for cold weather operations. 

What will you buy with your hazardous duty pay or other $ garnered from your deployment? A family vacation. 

What food are you craving most and what will your first meal be when you return? 
"Papa John's" pizza and anything that my wife makes. I will be ecstatic to have a home-cooked meal in my house with my family.