Front the front

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Name: Capt. Bryan Lindler 
Deployed unit: Combined Air Operations Center. 
Home unit: 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron 
Job description: CAOC EWCC - Coordination and optimization of all EW sorties covering OIF and OEF. 

What will you remember about your deployment 20 years from now?
Meeting a guy over here that only lives 200 yards from me back home, that I probably would have never met.

What's the most useful item you packed? 

What do you wish you had packed?
I've done this before, so I really haven't needed anything in particular.

When did you realize you "weren't in Kansas anymore;" aka your "Dorothy" moment
Since this is my 4th rodeo nothing really surprises me. So it's probably when I had to tuck my PT shirt into my shorts.

What's the best part of the deployment?
Friday nights at the MUFF (British O'Club)

The worst part?
Reflective belts

What new survival skill have you learned?
How to get to the bathroom that's 200 paces away, in the middle of the night without waking myself up.

What do you do during down time?
We work 12hr shifts 7 days a week, not much downtime other than sleep, laundry, and the occasional movie.

What is the first thing you will do and eat when you return?
Hug my wife and son, a Tops hamburger