Wing Senior Airmen make the grade

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Forty seven 53d Wing senior airmen are walking throughout the wing a little lighter on their feet now that they found out they were selected for promotion to staff sergeant, Aug 15.

They were part of the 15,130 of 36,608 eligible senior airmen who made the next step up the ladder of the enlisted ranks. This year the selection rate was up more than 5 percent to 41.33 percent.

The average staff sergeant selectee score for the 07E5 staff sergeant test cycle was 270.71 points, based on the following:
-- 131.72 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 55.99 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 54.33 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 2.15 Time in Grade
-- 4.72 Time in Service
-- 0.85 Decorations

Below are the newest staff selects in the 53d Wing.

16th Electronic Warfare Squadron
James Rob Campbell
Jacqueline Barker
Lynette Calleiro
Lowell Will Edkins
Nicholas Turner
Jason Lee Ward
Stuart Niah Melton
Benjamin Townsend

16th Electronic Warfare Squadron OLA
Morris Just Dansby

28th Test and Evaluation Squadron
Wendy Nico Scheibe

28th Test and Evaluation Squadron, Det. 2
Jonathan Carter
Jennifer Dantzler
Joseph Johnston
Brandon Kelley
Allan Ray Robillos

31st Test and Evaluation Squadron
Christop Andreasen
Miguel Escamilla
Evelyn Mendezcruz
Daniel Michalewicz
Darryl Delgardo

422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron
Erica Arreola
Andre Thomas

49th Test and Evaluation Squadron
Jeffrey Lee Layson
Mark Dylan Martin
Justin Dodd Millen
Tucker Joe Reuber

53d Test and Evaluation Group, Det. 4
Jonthon Pawlowski

53d Training Systems Squadron 
Timmy Nmn Lui

53d Weapons Evaluation Group
Rochena May

59th Test and Evaluation Squadron
George Danie White

68th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Melanie Mar Nestle

72nd Test and Evaluation Squadron
Christina Lietzow
Danny Washburn

81st Range Control Squadron
Amber Miche Falcon
Angela Maldonado
James Mitchell
Gilbe Morenomedina
Mario Jabar Rogers
Roger Tremblay
Termaine Rob Young

82nd Aerial Targets Squadron
Dominic Durgin
Adam Thomas Henson
Douglas Maleski

83rd Fighter Weapons Squadron
Orson Vaun Ricks
Cameron Micha Sapp

85th Test and Evaluation Squadron
Marcus Davis

86th Fighter Weapons Squadron
Alexamdra Kearney