From the Front

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Name: Airman 1st Class Emanuel James Reynolds
Deployed unit: 218th Corps HHC J8
Home unit: 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Job description: Processing and submitting purchase request and contracts.

What will you remember about your deployment 20 years from now? Salsa nights.

What's the most useful item you packed? My laptop.

What do you wish you had packed? Extra snacks

When did you realize you "weren't in Kansas anymore;" aka your "Dorothy" moment? I have to say when the heat hit me when I got off the plane.

What's the best part of the deployment? The experience.

The worst part? Feeling the ground shake from explosions and the foul odors in the air.
What new survival skill have you learned? Stealth tactics.

What do you do during down time? Dance, work out, or chat online.

What is the first thing you will do and eat when you return? The first thing I will do is jump in my car and go to Buffalo Wild Wings.