from the front

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Name: Lt Col Greg "Patch" Patschke
Deployed unit: 4 BCT, 82 ABN DIV
Home unit: 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Job description: Brigade EWO: Provides EW expertise for ground
component commanders; Integrates EW into the Ground Scheme of Maneuver; Directs operation and maintenance of EW systems

What will you remember about your deployment 20 years from now?
The awesome people I worked with and traveling around the battlespace in

What's the most useful item you packed?
A sound machine

What do you wish you had packed?
Noise cancellation headphones

When did you realize you "weren't in Kansas anymore;" aka your "Dorothy"
When rockets and mortars were fired at my Forward Operating Base

What's the best part of the deployment?
Working with the Army, knowing I'm doing my small part to help the Afghan people

The worst part? Being away from my wife

What new survival skill have you learned?
How to sleep while extremely loud snoring soldiers are in the room and to never leave my office unlocked in the presence of army personnel

What do you do during down time? What down time?

What is the first thing you will do and eat when you return?
Reaquaint myself with my family and eat a quality steak (cooked to my liking) with real metal utensils.