Certain officer, enlisted bonuses expired Dec. 31

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Certain bonus programs for Reserve and active duty officer and enlisted personnel expired Dec. 31 due to the president not signing the fiscal 2008 National Defense Authorization Act and returning it to Congress for changes.

All reenlistments for eligible Airmen in Air Force Specialty Codes with a selective reenlistment bonus or those with a critical skills retention bonus will be suspended until further notice. Affected Airmen may execute a 30-day best interest of the Air Force extension as needed until the NDAA is signed into law.

Some Airmen serving in combat zones or those who cannot further extend their current enlistment may elect to reenlist under a contingent bonus addendum. The addendum stipulates bonus programs are dependent upon congressional authorization and enactment into law. If signed into law, bonuses may be paid retroactive to Jan. 1, may take effect when approved or may not be paid.

However, if Congress does not authorize various bonus programs, Airmen will still be required to serve the enlistment contract agreed upon in the addendum.

Those Airmen who have maximized their enlistment extensions may also execute a Department of Defense Form 149, "Application for Correction of Military Record," to request a constructive reenlistment of previous extensions. The application should be mailed in no later than 30 days prior to the date of separation once maximum extensions are reached. If granted, the member may extend if necessary to delay reenlistment.

Airmen who reenlist on Jan. 1 and prior to announcement of this message may request their reenlistment be declared erroneous in accordance with Air Force Instruction 36-2606, "Reenlistment in the U.S. Air Force," Paragraph 3.17. Those affected under this provision must do so immediately and no later than 30 days from their reenlistment date.

For more information and a complete list of affected bonuses, Airmen should contact their base military personnel element or call the Air Force Contact Center at DSN 665-5000 or (800) 616-3775.