Meet the new 81st RCS commander

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Lt. Col. Joseph Gilley
Born in Bennettsville, South Carolina. I call Ft Lauderdale, Fla., home (graduated Plantation High School).
Years in the military: 16 1/2

How does it feel to be a new squadron CC?
The experience has been a positive one so far. Everyone is eager to lend assistance and I am blessed to have a family support system that allows me the chance to get my feet under me. I'm just excited for the opportunity to help the men and women in my unit achieve their goals, while meeting the mission of the 53d Weapons Evaluation Group.

What are your goals/agenda during your time as commander?
In the short term, I'd like to see our squadron incorporate link 16 connectivity into Weapons System Evaluation Program for a more real world training environment and enhance our radar coverage and radio performance capabilities. Long term, I'd like to establish steps to improving our facilities. Our Airmen do a first-rate job and they deserve top-notch systems and facilities to execute the mission.

What is one particular life lesson you've gained from your time in the military?
Enjoy the people and the job you are currently in. Each encounter is unique and is the basis for long time friendship and bonds.

What type of hobbies/activities do you have outside of work?
Most of the time is spent with the family (including the extended family throughout Florida). In particular, supporting my kid's sports engagements, cub scouts outings and local school/church events. I also like to travel and explore anything historical when able (American history and especially anything of military emphasis) and watch sports (expecially college football and the Florida Gators).

If there was one thing about military life you would change what would it be?
I'll defer on that question. I'm a military brat and there are so many things that I love about the military. It's why I chose this course of life.