Meet the new 68th EWS CC

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Name: Lt. Col. Rob Kraus
Hometown: Clark, N.J.
Number of years in the military: 19

How does it feel to be a new squadron CC?
It is both the most exciting opportunity I have had and the most intimidating job I've ever stepped into.

What are your goals/agenda during your time as commander? 
My only real goal as a commander at this point is to do the best job I can to allow the people in the squadron to continue to perform the outstanding mission they are currently doing. As I learn more I will be able to generate more specific goals.

What is one particular life lesson you've gained from your time in the military?
There will always be short term priorities that pull at your time but we all need to work to focus on the priorities that really matter.

What type of hobbies/activities do you have outside of work?
I'm coaching Little League baseball right now; will start entering runs again over the spring, and I'd like to enter an Adventure Race at some point. I am a certified scuba diver, but haven't dove in quite a long time.

If there was one thing about military life you would change what would it be?
I would set up a more financially friendly environment. For most civilians, their home is their biggest investment. For military, we are often in areas that we choose not to buy for various reasons, or we are forced to buy in poor markets (such as Eglin two to three years ago), or must sell earlier than we should if we were to use sound financial planning. This can have a negative impact on personal financial planning. Additionally, I would really like to see matching in the Thrift Savings Plan.