53d Wing takes 7 ACC science/engineer awards

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Samuel King Jr.
  • 53d Wing Public Affairs
The 53d Wing recently won seven Air Combat Command Science, Technology and Engineering Awards for 2007.

More than half of the awards went to the 53d Electronic Warfare Group, while the rest went to the 86th Fighter Weapons Squadron.

"We're the largest electronic warfare group in ACC, so it's a great opportunity for people to step up and lead, at all levels," said Lt. Col. Melvin Peterson, 53d EWG acting commander. "I'm very proud to be associated with this great team."

The winners were:

Engineer Award

Maj. Shawn Orban, 16th EWS
Lance Hofman, 36th EWS
Capt. Melanie Owen, 86th FWS
Jeno Nagy, 68th EWS

Scientist Award

1st Lt. Maximilien Reele, 86th FWS

Engineer Team award

68th EWS: Maj. Eric Furman, Capt. Meghan Szwarc, 1st Lt. John Reaves, Gary Nordgulen, Gary Combs, Chad Bise, Bruce Campbell, Jeno Nagy, John King, Ronald Hall, Dennis Stuteville and William Roberts

Scientist Team award

36th EWS: Capt. Meghan Szwarc, Debra Hartman, Stephen Gillogly, James Johnson, Richard Wingate, Capt. Leon Walts, 1st Lt. Brian An, Capt. Meredithe Jessup, 1st Lt. Morgan Reid, Casey Fulton, Master Sgt. Chad Bac, Tech. Sgt. Stephen Haynes, Staff Sgt. Jason Austin, Staff Sgt. Jesse Marshall

Maj. Eric Furman, and his (now award winning) team of engineers, radar experts and computer programmers use various engineering documents and intelligence data to upgrade the detection system aboard the E-3 SENTRY to quickly and accurately identify numerous radar systems operating in a given area. As the team chief, the major was thrilled with the recent win.

"The E-3 ESM team is very honored by the recent recognition," said Major Furman. "The dedication, enthusiasm, and experience shared amongst the team and its U.S. and coalition aircrews have gained it an international reputation for enduring excellence within the (airborne warning and control systems) community. It is nice to see that their contributions have been noticed Air Force wide."

Lieutenant Reele, who won the only scientist award for the wing, called the win gratifying and humbling, but ultimately reflected a busy and integrated squadron.

"I'm sure what contributed most to the awards is our squadron handles so many high visibility evaluations to include GPS jamming scenarios, (Area of Responsibility) tiger teams, and investigative firings to look into real time AOR weapons and maintenance issues," said the lieutenant speaking about the 86th. "(Captain Owen and I) are very fortunate to be acquisition officers, who get an opportunity to work on so many things directly related to the warfighters."