49 TES changes command

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Lt. Col. Lane Humphreys took command of the 53d Wing's B-52 squadron - the 49th Test and Evaluation Squadron, June 13 during a ceremony at Barksdale Air Force Base, La.

Name: Lt. Col. Lane Humphreys
Hometown: Pineville, La.
Number of years in the military: 17
Family: Wife and daughter

How does it feel to be a new squadron CC?
I feel the weight of responsibility - to my unit, my group commander and my family.

What are your goals/agenda during your time as commander?
I want the 49th TES to remain relevant to the warfighter's needs...we need to keep the B-52 advertised as a capable, full-spectrum platform.

What is one particular life lesson you've gained from your time in the military?
You pick up critical skills in each job that prepares you for your next position.

What type of hobbies/activities do you have outside of work?
I enjoy keeping fit and spending time with my family whenever I leave the office.

If there was one thing about military life you would change what would it be?
I would continue to push hard to focus on our mission areas that prepare us for conflict versus the "IBM" syndrome that I find many offices have these days.