39 NCOs promoted from the 53d Wing

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Samuel King Jr.
  • 53d Wing Public Affairs
Congratulations to the following staff and tech sergeants on their promotion to tech and master sergeant.  
Note:  * denotes master sergeant 

53d Wing staff 
Steve Petro  *
Ronald Stuits  * 

53d Electronic Warfare Group
Richard Brown Jr. 

Det 1, 16th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Brooks Hartley 

16th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Steven Havens
Amanda Turner
Brian Lowry  * 
Jerome Sullivan  * 

36th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Jesse Marshall 

68th Electronic Warfare Squadron
Sean Madlin  *

31st Test and Evaluation Squadron
Travis Buss
Douglas Donahue
Charlie Lewis
Joshua Ratcliffe
Joseph Wallis
Charles Hines  * 
Jeffrey Setty  * 

Det 3, 53d Test and Evaluation Group
Adam Goolsby 

72nd Test and Evaluation Squadron
Matthew Ranger
Michael Beck  * 

337th Test and Evaluation Squadron
Brian Briggs  * 

85th Test and Evaluation Squadron
Carl Colvin  * 

49th Test and Evaluation Squadron
William Dean  * 
Steven Winfree  * 

556th Test and Evaluation Squadron
Patrick Gee  * 

422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron 
Christopher Howe  *

OL B 29th Training Systems Squadron
Timothy Teamer  * 

53d Computer Systems Squadron
Joshua Pettus
Matthew Shadwick 

28th Test and Evaluation Squadron
Patrick Haring  *
Michael Schriber  * 

53d Weapons Evaluation Group

Timothy Whitfield 

Det 1, 86th Fighter Weapons Squadron
Brian Thomas
Guy Mach  * 

86th Fighter Weapons Squadron
Jeffrey Parker  * 

82nd Aerial Targets Squadron
Bobby Allen Boswell  *

83rd Fighter Weapons Squadron
Mark Backensto
Jacob Sabin
Richard Mercado  *