B-1 squadron gets new CC

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Lt. Col. Randy Kaufman became the wing's newest commander July 8 when he accepted command one of the 53d Wing's B-1 bomber squadrons, the 337th Test and Evaluation Squadron.

Name: Lt. Col. Randy Kaufman
Number of years in the military: 19 1/2
Family:  Wife, son and daughter

How does it feel to be a new squadron CC?
Incredible. The 337th TES is a fantastic organization filled with dedicated knowledgeable professionals. I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to be involved in such a dynamic organization and look forward to bringing new capabilities to B-1 warfighters.

What are your goals/agenda during your time as commander?
Take care of my people while continuing to lead the operational testing of new advancements to the B-1 bomber, making it the weapons system of choice for Combatant Commanders in the air-to-ground arena.

What is one particular life lesson you've gained from your time in the military?
That if you take care of your people, your people will take care of you. Trust them, provide them with the right tools and the freedom to innovate and explore and they will always find ways to get the mission accomplished.

What type of hobbies/activities do you have outside of work?
I enjoy watching my children complete in academic and sport competitions, spending time talking with my wife and playing golf when I have the time.

If there was one thing about military life you would change what would it be?
Increase manning in the B-1 maintenance career field. With the significant increase in operational deployments the demands on our maintainers is significant and I'm sure other weapons systems experience the same dilemma. This makes it difficult to keep our experienced maintainers in the Air Force and reduces our ability to fix and fly aircraft and meet the needs of our Combatant Commanders.