Wellness Support Center can help make 2009 healthier

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The holidays are over and a new year has begun. And with that, many look to live healthier 2009. The Air Force Materiel Command Wellness Support Center is one available tool to make that goal a reality.

"AFMC's Wellness and Safety program encompasses all facets of wellness: physical, emotional, social and spiritual to military and civilians," said Marilyn Leggett, Civilian Health Promotion Service.

The Wellness program relies on their Web site www.afmcwellness.com, which can be accessed anytime.

Once there, customers can file out a Health Risk Appraisal questionnaire which covers overall health, family history, nutrition, medical condition and fitness. After completing the survey, the customer will receive a wellness profile.

"This feedback is designed to increase your awareness and help you make decisions about your health in categories such as nutrition, heart health, and potential health risks," said Mrs. Leggett.

The site provides resources and educational materials specific to the questionnaire responses and keeps the profile on file. Confidentiality is maintained on the web site by becoming a member and logging in with a password.

"Completing your HRA will show you areas where you want to make changes and it will give you a written game plan for better health," said Mrs. Leggett. "It can also be used as a framework for discussing lifestyle changes with your healthcare provider."

DoD civilians can include information from the annual cholesterol screening. The goal of using the information from the HRA or civilian cardiac risk screening is to implement positive lifestyle changes to improve current health.

"There are two major players where your health and well-being are concerned - you and your physician, but you have a big responsibility to take the lead in being the healthiest you can be," said Mrs. Leggett.

For more information, call Eglin Civilian Health Promotion Service at 883-8024.