29th TSS provides essential training mission on Robins, across the Nation

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt Savanah Bray
  • 53rd Wing
At nine locations across the country the 29th Training Systems Squadron validates and maintains aircrew training devices, such as flight simulators. At Robins AFB specifically, the 29th TSS’s Operating Location-Bravo is responsible for all the E-8 JSTARS aircrew training devices.
“As a three-member team, led by Master Sgt. “Mikey” Hamm, the 29th TSS, OL-B is dedicated to ensuring the best aircrew training devices are available for the E-8 JSTARS community,” said Lt. Col. Ian Cunningham, commander, 29th Training Systems Squadron.
The E-8 has multiple types of aircrew training devices: a flight deck trainer for the pilots, navigator training station, mission and maintenance trainers, and the 29th TSS, OL-B team is responsible for all of them. 
At Robins AFB, the 29th TSS ensures the trainers accurately represent both the aircraft itself, and the threat environment in which the E-8 employs. In addition to executing the tests that validates the capabilities and equipment installed in the simulators, they are also involved with the process of sustaining the equipment and acquiring new capabilities. 
At other operating locations, the 29th TSS provides similar support for aircrew training devices on various platforms. 
“Mikey and the team at Robins are a critical bridge between the warfighter’s needs and the acquisition community’s ability to meet those needs,” said Cunningham. “Without their expertise and dedication, there would be no feedback loop to ensure sim quality and identify critical deficiencies.”
On October 15, 2020, Col. Ryan Messer, 53rd Wing Commander came to Robins Air Force Base to visit the 29th Training Systems Squadron, Operating Location-Bravo and see their work in action. 
“It was an honor to meet with a team of such professionals in the 53rd Wing,” said Messer. “Units like the 29th Training Systems Squadron often have their work go unnoticed, but what they do is so vital to our nation’s warfighting readiness and lethality. I could not be more impressed with the OL-B team at Robins Air Force Base.”