39th Electronic Warfare Squadron activates at Eglin AFB

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  • 53rd Wing
The 39th Electronic Warfare Squadron activated for the first time in a July 23, 2020 ceremony.
Officiated by Col David Perez, commander, 53rd Electronic Warfare Group, the 39th Electronic Warfare Squadron activation was preceded a ceremony formally deactivating the 453d Electronic Warfare Squadron, Detachment 1, declaring it “mission complete.”
“Deactivating the 453d EWS, Det 1 and reactivating the mission as an independent squadron -- the 39th EWS -- emphasizes the critical role the unit has in Spectrum Warfare,” said Col. Ryan Messer, commander, 53d Wing.  
The 39th EWS will support electronic warfare operational reprogramming and electromagnetic spectrum operations through centralized/standardized intelligence data, the SPECTRE software suite, and the development and fielding of optimized electronic attack techniques. The unique mission of the 39th Electronic Warfare Squadron will enable electronic warfare and electromagnetic spectrum operations today and posture the combat aviation forces for future operations.
“This is a great day for the Air Force, our Airmen, and the future of Spectrum Warfare,” said Lt. Col. Matthew Munska, commander, 39th Electronic Warfare Squadron.