From skies to seas: 28th TES supports US Navy OT in biological protection

  • Published
  • 1st Lt Savanah Bray, 53d Wing

The 28th Test and Evaluation Squadron is supporting the operational test assessment of the U.S. Navy’s Enhanced Maritime Biological Protection System, new system to detect biological substances that could be harmful to the ship’s crew, such as anthrax. 

Joseph Thiering, Operational Test Director, Operational Test and Evaluation Force, U.S. Navy, said that following the conclusion of the test, his team will create a report that will allow for enable decision makers to field the system to the fleets. 

For detection currently, the Joint Biological Point Detection System is used across the DoD and on U.S. Navy ships. The Enhanced Maritime Biological Protection System is specifically designed for the Navy, with improved detection capability. 

The 28th TES built the apparatus that allows biological substances to be safely introduced to the Enhanced Maritime Biological Protection System to provide accurate testing of these systems. Because of this, the 28th TES is uniquely equipped to execute these tests, and they have worked with the Navy in the past on systems such as the Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection System.

Thiering said that the 28th has been an excellent team of professionals to work with, supporting an important a test designed to protect our Sailors.